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Classic badhuma

Mix of Onions, Potatos, Cashew nuts and Spices

SPRATS badhuma 

 Mix of Sprats, Onions, Potatoes and Spices

Maldive Fish Sambal

 Mix of Maldive Fish, Onions, Potatoes and Spices

cashew badhuma 

Hand-Picked, Tempered and fried best quality cashews.

Classic Badhuma

The Classic Badhuma is a traditional Ceylonese recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation. Crispy fried golden caramelized onions, premium quality deep fried Cashew nuts, Thinly cut batons of potatoes, Curry leaves ( Karapincha ) mixed with a umami packed spice mix from the land of Sri Lanka. Classic Badhuma goes well on anything, From Rice and Curry, in between two slices of bread, a garnish, or may be as a snack to accompany your favourite brew. You get the idea. The possibilities are endless.

Maldive Fish Sambol

Maldive fish ( Umbalakada ) , Onions and Curry Leaves ( Karapincha ) deep fried to perfect golden crispness & tossed with traditional Sri Lankan spices to give Badhuma’s unique flavor. Maldive Fish Badhuma is less oily than the other brands already on the shelf, packed with a myriad of natural Ceylonese flavors, amazingly crispy and crunchy texture that will just keep you munching on, It’s a never ending party in the mouth. This would be our favorite accompaniment for Kiri Bath ( Milk Rice ) or just Bread & Butter.

Sprats Badhuma

Sprats ( Haalmasso ), Onions, thin cut Potato batons, Curry leaves ( Karapincha ) deep fried to sublime perfection in vegetable oil mixed with an assortment of pungent spices from the island of Ceylon. This crunchy affair is best paired with a Sri Lankan style Rice and Curry, or may be a pint of your favourite brew.

Cashew Badhuma

Made using world renowned Sri Lankan premium Cashew nuts, deep fried to golden excellence mixed with a variety of Ceylonese spices to give its unique flavour and texture. Cashew Badhuma can be an extremely addictive product, use with caution.! 

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